Well it’s definitely time to turn up! This is the final day of fun on the sister isle, Tobago, as we prepare to head back to the mainland for the rest of the Carnival excitement. But of course, not to be outdone by anything that lies ahead, the Tobago Loves Soca Weekend shuts it down on a high note with Wet N Wild- a Cooler, J’ouvert fete that kicks off at 12 noon. This event will deliver all the elements of Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival fun, with mud, paint and water in abundance. 

There’s been nothing like this in Tobago and we know nothing will ever come close. 

Sexy males and females, all dressed to fete, adorned in the elements of J’ouvert fun, dancing to the sweet sounds of Soca, delivered by Soca’s best artistes and DJs. Get ready to fete. On Sunday, as we close off the show, we remind all patrons, uninhibited performance is required. Prepare to party! 

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